Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre - Smartmouth Rentacop Patrolling Vancouver General Hospital Pickup Zone

Vancouver, British Columbia 0 comments

After spending 13 bucks in a nearby parking lot for a 1.5 hour appointment within the Gordon Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, I moved my vehicle into a clearly marked PATIENT PICK UP ZONE in anticipation of my 85 year old wheelchair bound mother's momentary release from hospital care.Due to the horn honking, pisspoor driving skills of an outgoing Handidart bus driver, I moved my vehicle partially onto an adjacent roadlevel bricked walkway to give the bus jockey more room to passby.

Within seconds, a wannabecop shows up and begins lipping me off about being parked on the *** sidewalk and demanding that I move. I pointed out the signage and suggested that it be changed only to hear him mouth off again saying its a zone for Pickup, not Parking! Well, kiss my *** ***!

He wasn't hastling the Handidart drivers for PARKING in the middle of the traffic

lane and *** me over royally.This dipshit employee can go pound sand or at least be more polite when marching over to challenge the general public.

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